Making a Difference Two Racks at a Time

Have you noticed the new bike racks outside the San Francisco Shopping Centre? The person who made it happen is SFBC member Cheryl Brinkman. Cheryl sent an email to the Centre's marketing manager, Christine Miller, saying she was a frequent Nordstrom shopper who had been frustrated by the lack of bicycle parking outside the building on Market Street, across from the foot of Powell Street. There was just one bike rack near the BART entrance with three spaces that were often full, and there are no parking meters and few street signs on that stretch of Market. Cheryl Cheryl Brinkman:   Making a difference!pointed out in her email that 30 percent of San Francisco households don't have cars, including many high-income households, and she also let Christine know that a request can be made to the City to install bike racks. Christine responded promptly and positively, and less than seven weeks later, two new bike racks were installed!

Says Cheryl, "Sometimes a simple request is all it takes. Especially with merchants who realize that they could be losing shoppers because of a lack of bike parking. It was surprisingly easy to find the name of the management company on the web, and the response time to my email was certainly impressiveŅall in all, I give their response and action an A+." Agreed! A big thank-you to Cheryl, Christine, and the San Francisco Shopping Centre.

The next time you're struggling to find parking in front of your favorite store, try contacting the store owner and let them know how they can make shopping easier for their cycling customers.

By Linda Atkins