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February/March 2003

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Huge Bike Plan Update Kicks off in February

Over the years, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has alerted bicyclists to hundreds of meeting and hearings, pleaded for volunteers at dozens of events, and beseeched you to write letters to the powers-that-be. Well, this time, we REALLY mean it! The MOTHER OF ALL MEETINGS is right around the corner. It's the citywide Bike Plan Update Workshop, followed by neighborhood-specific workshops.

Save Bike to Work Day

One day each year thousands of San Franciscans decide to bike to work rather than drive or take the bus. Many hundreds of these people continue bike commuting regularly after that. Those new bicyclists, plus the thousands more of us who are already regular bike commuters, are rewarded with simple but meaningful treats like free coffee and bagels, tote bags, and encouragement from enthusiastic SFBC volunteers on street corners. The day, of course, is annual Bike to Work Day.

Bicycling with Kids

For cyclists used to taking week long arduous bike trips whenever we wanted, it was a big change to ride with our daughter, rather than sleeping bags and tents, seated on the rear rack. We've learned to modify our expectations. As our world became smaller limited by the need to stop at playgrounds and romping areas every hour or two it also became larger.

Better Neighborhoods on the Way:
The Market and Octavia Neighborhood Plan is Here!

  Contra Flow Bike Lane

Contra-Flow Bike Lanes: Aspirin for Your One-Way Headaches

Another in a series of articles focusing on creative solutions for safer streets. How many times has this happened to you? You're riding downtown, looking for an address, finally get to the right street, and realize you are two blocks away 'downstream' from your destination on a one-way street.

Making a Difference
Have you noticed the new bike racks outside the San Francisco Shopping Centre? The person who made it happen is SFBC member Cheryl Brinkman. Cheryl sent an email to the Centre's marketing manager, Christine Miller, saying she was a frequent Nordstrom shopper who had been frustrated by the lack of bicycle parking outside the building on Market Street, across from the foot of Powell Street.

Winterfest 2002
If you weren't there, you missed quite a party!

Bike Plan Time Line
Want to know what in store in the future for the bike plan? You can see what is being planned.

Tips for Happier Winter Riding

Don't despair as you brave Winter's twin armies of darkness and damp. Heed this advice and godspeed to you all!

Bikes as Vehicles of Seduction

First: make sure you're single. Ask yourself: Have I shaved or fixed my makeup recently? Am I really worried about how smelly my commute makes me? If yes, you are probably single. Am I considering going to SFBC Volunteer Night just to flirt? You are definitely single.