Park It Right Here

Thank you for highlighting bike parking issues in the last newsletter. Winter rains and winds are a not so gentle reminder of our need for bike racks in parking garages. Unfortunately, the city has ignored the November 1998 ordinance that requires all public and private garages to accommodate bikes. Sick of being left out in the cold, I took matters into my own hands by filing a complaint on two non-compliant garages. The process was quick, painless, and satisfying. All I had to do was go to the Planning Department (1660 Mission/Otis) and give the garages' addresses. They even gave me a name and phone number so I could follow up on my complaints. I suggest that other frustrated cyclists do the same, even as the SFBC Bike Parking Task Force works to address the problem. Also, you may want to forward the name of your non-compliant garage to Tim Shea of the SFBC task force, at tsheatax@aol.com.
Brandon Fine

Keep Bike Lanes Motor Free

Do SFBC members know that the California Motor Vehicle Code (MVC) does not prohibit motorized scooters from using designated bike lanes? It is absurd—allowing a motorized vehicle to use a lane specifically designated for non-motorized vehicles. The safety of bicyclists is certainly significantly affected. Our city government needs to close this ridiculous loophole in the MVC by passing an ordinance that would supplement the MVC and not allow such usage. SFBC members should contact their Supervisors and demand such an ordinance, and the SFBC should strongly support and lobby for its passage.
Bob Barth

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