Quick Releases

Welcome New Staff

We’re pleased to welcome Joshua Hart as the SFBC's new Program Director as of January 2. Josh was the California Project Coordinator for the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy in San Francisco for the last three years, teaming up with SFBC staff on projects such as the Mission Creek Bikeway and Fort Mason improvements. Recently he worked under contract with the SFBC to develop the Golden Gate Park Bike Plan. He has been heavily involved in bicycle advocacy for the last seven years, working to improve bikeway networks in Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Marin. Josh is "thrilled to be on staff of one of the most dynamic membership organizations in the country," and says he is "raring to go to make bicycling in San Francisco safer and more pleasant for everybody."

Welcome New SFBC Board Members

Congratulations to the six recently elected members of the SFBC Board of Directors—new members Carolyn "Mitsi" Hanrahan, Ann Lyons, Gabriel Metcalf, and Darryll White; and incumbent members who were re-elected to another term, Deb Janes and Brian Smith. They join the seven current board members whose terms end next year. There's no end to our appreciation for the contributions of our hard-working board—thank you!

Safer Cesar Chavez St.

For anyone who has experienced the dreadful "adventure" of biking in San Francisco's Cesar Chavez Street/US 101 area, you will be happy to see some very bike-friendly construction going on there. A bicycle bridge is currently being built to more safely link the sections of Cesar Chavez on both sides of US 101 for westbound cyclists. The bicycle bridge is approximately 295 feet in length with a 10-foot pathway and is designed for one-way westbound travel only. The $3 million construction project, slated to be completed by late summer or early fall 2003, is funded by a grant from the State Transportation Improvement Program and is being managed by the Department of Parking & Traffic (DPT).

The route for eastbound cyclists has already been improved by widening and resurfacing an existing narrow pathway located on the south side of the interchange. Many thanks to the planners and engineers from DPT who have worked on this project for years.

More Great Bike Developments!

GOLDEN GATE PARK: Significant sections of the east-west bike path in the western end of Golden Gate Park have been resurfaced. Kudos to the Recreation and Park Department for these improvements. The main off-street bike path through the Park starts at Baker St. at the tip of the Panhandle, travels along JFK through the eastern section of the park, and veers away from JFK just west of Transverse through Speedway Meadow. The nascent Golden Gate Park Bicycle Plan, which the SFBC is developing, calls for further improvements to this pathway, and other routes through Golden Gate Park. For more information, contact Josh Hart at joshua@sfbike.org.

PANHANDLE: You cannot help but notice the major construction zone on the Panhandle Bike Path. The city is widening the path and adding much-needed lighting. It may be messy right now, but the improvements should be delightful to commuters and recreational riders on this busy path.

PRESIDIO: The Presidio has gotten a little safer for bicyclists, particularly at the intersection of Lincoln and Merchant Roads, a popular turnoff onto the Golden Gate Bridge. What used to be a harried (to say the least) turn onto Merchant has been calmed tremendously with the addition of stop signs on both sides of the intersection. This is having a lovely "chilling effect" on traffic. And don't forget to check out the Presidio's draft Trails and Bikeways Plan at www.presidiotrust.org. Public input is being accepted until February 12.

Major Taylor Curriculum Available

Educational lesson kits about trailblazing black athlete Marshall W. "Major" Taylor, 1899 world cycling champion, (see the Tube Times, Aug./Sept. ‘02 ) are available free to schoolteachers and youth group leaders through a collaboration of the Major Taylor Association, the Educational Association of Worcester, and the Institute for International Sport. The kit includes a reading and discussion exercise focusing on the Jim Crow racial prejudices that marked Major Taylor's athletic career, how the champion reacted to the closed doors and open hostility he faced on and off the bike, and how his experiences might guide athletes and others today.

The kits are available free from the Educational Association of Worcester, http://worcester.massteacher.org. For more information about Major Taylor, visit www.majortaylorassociation.org.

Caltrain Ad Features SFBC Member

Caltrain launched a new advertising campaign in January, and one of our very own SFBC members, Nikolai Rochnik, is in it! The campaign features eleven enthusiastic riders in newspaper and transit vehicle advertisements throughout San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties. Each rider appears with his or her personal "reason to ride."

Nikolai Rochnik--SFBC Member!

Nikolai's reason to ride Caltrain is the ability to take a bike on board, allowing him to commute daily from his home near Union Square to his office in Redwood Shores. Nikolai gets to spend that time reading, working, or relaxing on the train instead of staring at the car bumper in front of him.

Caltrain recently made even more space for bikes by removing seats in the designated "bike car" (there is now room for 32 bikes in a bike car) and by adding a second bike car on popular morning express trains (increasing train capacity to 64 bikes).

New Caltrain Bike Parking Facility Planned

Plans are moving forward for a major bicycle parking facility at the 4th and King Streets Caltrain station. The 2,000-square-foot building will hold at least 100 bikes and is expected to include monitored bike parking and other related services, such as bike repair and rental. If things stay on track, the new facility will be built and ready to serve you by the end of this year. You can help shape the future of this upcoming facility by taking just a few minutes to add your input on the SFBC online survey. Go to www.digisurvey.com and enter the following passwords: USER: caltrain, and PASSWORD: biker. We'll keep you informed as this exciting development progresses. (Special thanks to digipop for designing the survey!) Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the BART Embarcadero bike station to open...