Celebrating the City's Newest Bike Lanes

Bike LaneYou may have noticed feeling happier on your bike lately as you pedal through SOMA and the Richmond District. Did someone secretly inflate your tires or lube your chain? Is the air a little fresher than usual? Did you get that raise at work? We're pretty sure the real reason for your pleasure is the new bike lanes that are being striped on Cabrillo and 7th Streets! The Cabrillo lanes will be the longest continuous bike lanes in the City and represent years of hard work by the SFBC's Richmond Bike Committee and the Department of Parking and Traffic. The DPT staff was particularly instrumental in pushing through the brand new extension of bike lanes on 7th Street from Townsend to 16th Street in SOMA. Thanks to everyone involved in these efforts. There's plenty more to do-see Bike Plan Update: Full Steam Ahead for the low down on the Bike Plan.

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