SFBC Mayoral Endorsement

Stay Tuned and Get Involved!

As a recent San Francisco Examiner article states, the SFBC is expected to be a "political force to be reckoned with in the upcoming mayoral race." The next mayor, to be elected in November 2003, will have a significant impact on the safety and accommodation of bicyclists. She/he appoints directors to many commissions and agencies that decide how much space we have on the road, how car drivers behave toward us, and how law enforcement responds when there are conflicts or crashes.

The SFBC Board of Directors endorsement committee is developing our endorsement process now. As in past years, we will be encouraging strong member involvement. We invite any interested SFBC members to get involved in the process that questions the candidates, informs our members, and ultimately decides if and whom to endorse. Contact us at endorsements@sfbike.org if you would like to be a part of the process. We will update you within a few months of the candidates' responses to our survey so you can learn about the candidates' positions on bike issues and cast your vote for endorsement in early fall.

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