The Tube Times Swervey
Worst Streets to Ride in San Francisco

Swer•vey \'swr-'vA\ (n): A survey taken on the streets of San Francisco by SFBC volunteers who grab passing bicyclists-sometimes causing them to swerve to avoid hitting us-in order to ask questions about bicycling in the city.

Our first Tube Times Swervey took place on the corner of 7th and Market, where we asked passing bicyclists what they thought were the worst areas in the City for riding.
By Chad Major

John Emily Mario
John: (resident of the Tenderloin) "Well, basically all of Market from Van Ness because of all the angles and what not. And Jesus, you need to get rid of all the trucks and put the buses underground!" Emily: "Yeah, Mission and South Van Ness. It is just so big, and with all those streets people get confused, and the cars go so fast because they are trying to get on the freeway." Mario: (messenger) "Ah, probably Harrison between 5th and 6th streets; the street is so torn up and full of potholes it's like risking your life every time you ride there. It would even be dangerous for a motorcycle. And I would like to add that Americans are so fat because of their cars!"
Aaron Elizabeth Lewis
Aaron: (resident of the Western Addition): "Market and Polk area: in the afternoon the wind comes roaring up and just like shoves you right into the traffic." When asked about the solution: "Well it's because of those tall buildings; I mean the city is the problem. Maybe you could fix it with a wrecking ball!" Elizabeth: (car-free for 20 years): "Market Street. Make it car-free like me!" Lewis: (a recent transplant from Sacramento): "Well, besides Market, there's Howard from 4th to 5th Street. Because of all the construction the road is rough and the lanes aren't marked so you have to battle for space."
Christine Christine: "Market and Valencia: Sometimes getting onto Valencia from Market is a pain because you have to cross all the lanes from the right-hand side through traffic."

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