A More Bike-Friendly Wiggle Needs Your Support

Update (from May 7, 2015): The SFMTA will be postponing the decision for a later meeting date. We still encourage you to write a letter of support using the link below. We will update you as soon as we have more information regarding this project and when it will go before the SFMTA Board of Directors.

Improvements for the Wiggle are nearing decision time, and we need you to speak up at the next SF Municipal Transportation Agency Board meeting!

Speak Up for the Wiggle on May 19

At a public hearing on April 3, many of you came out to support a Wiggle that prioritizes the safety and comfort of the many who bike and walk here. We received a lot more details on the proposed Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor project, which will bring both stormwater management and traffic calming improvements. Learn more about why the Wiggle is so important and the history behind this project here.

Since the meeting, we’ve been able to sit down with the engineers at the SFMTA to hash out more “complete streets” improvements to ensure the Lower Haight has calm, walkable and bikeable neighborhood streets. Three improvements came up that are critical for achieving that vision:

  • Southbound traffic diverter on Scott Street and Fell Street: Drivers would be prohibited from making left turns from Fell onto Scott or continuing south on Scott. This would make the left turn onto the recently completed protected bike lane on Fell Street much safer and easier, while Scott Street would have far fewer motor vehicles overall, creating a more pleasant experience for people biking and walking.
  • Bike signal at Scott Street and Oak Street: With pedestrians getting a head-start before vehicles get a green light, a new bike signal would be added to given the same priority to bicycles. The bike box will also be lengthened to allow more room for queuing bicycle riders and to discourage illegal and unsafe right turns on red.
  • Green paint in the Scott Street bike lane: This would make the northbound bike lane on Scott Street much more visible and clearly marked for bikes only.

The SFMTA engineers are still working on a variety of additional proposals, but we feel that these three improvements will make a significant difference in creating a more bike-friendly Wiggle for you. You can find the latest information here at the SFMTA website (under the “Details” tab).

The need for strong safety improvements is urgent, especially in light of the hit-and-run that occurred right at Scott St. and Fell St. where a traffic diverter has been proposed. (On April 24, the reckless driver who hit multiple people and drove away turned herself in to the SF Police Department.) Please join us in speaking out for safety on May 19.

If you can’t make it on May 19, we hope you can support these Wiggle enhancements by writing a letter to the SFMTA Board of Directors at MTABoard@sfmta.com.

Write a Letter of Support Today

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