Avoid Muni Delays–Ride a Bike!

With only one-third of Muni busses running this week, San Franciscans are having to find other solutions to get to work and around town. There’s no simpler, more affordable or fun way to get around than by bike. This week’s Muni reductions in service gives an added incentive to get on your bike and ride! Here are the tops five things you need to know to “get rolling”:

1.  The Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road

As a person who bikes (again, welcome!), we want to make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities of the road. Learn how to pedal safely, legally and predictably in San Francisco. Happy, safe riding!

2. Maps and Route Finding


Route Planning

Find out the best, safest and least hilly way to get around the city by bike! When you join the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, you’ll get a free bike map to help with route planning.

3. Locking Your Bike

Bike Locking

While finding a place to park your bike is easier than ever, (thanks to bike corrals and racks all over the city) bike theft is still a problem. Learn how to lock your bike correctly so your can protect your ride.

4. Bikes on Other Transit

Bikes on Transit

Want to take your bike on BART, Muni or Caltrain? We’ve got you covered. Combining bikes with transit is one of the best ways to get around the Bay Area. Find out the details about bringing your bike on board.

5. Want to learn more? Take a free bicycle education class!

The SF Bicycle Coalition and Bay Area Bike Share are partnering for a class on Wednesday, June 4. Sign up for the free class here.  

Bicycle Education
Become a member and you'll improve your commute and get discounts at shops across the city.