Big Vote Looming: Speak up for Funding Biking

It’s decision day. On Tuesday, April 1, the Board of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority will have its decisive discussion and, potentially, vote on its new budget. In short, this is our big moment to speak up for getting serious about funding biking.

Send a letter urging the SFMTA Board to vote for real funding for biking. Below is suggested text.

Email to:,,

Dear Director Reiskin,

My name is …

I’m writing to urge you to get serious about funding biking in San Francisco.

[A brief description about why you care about better biking.]


[Your name]


What’s at stake next Tuesday? It’s simple. Either the City will continue to make glacial progress in improving and expanding bikeways in San Francisco, or it will finally fund quick expansion of a network of comfortable and welcoming bikeways that will let you get to any place in the city you want.

Right now the City is planning to continue the status quo. Though the SFMTA is pledging to slightly increase funding for biking, this promise is dependent on ballot measures being passed by voters in November. There is no backup plan.

The Status Quo Can’t Continue

  • The SFMTA spends less than 1% of its budget on bike projects.
  • Last year, the SFMTA actually spent more money on copy paper than biking ($4 million on copy paper).

This is a big fight. We’re pushing hard because the number one reason we hear from the City for not working on crucial bikeway projects we hear that you want is, “sorry, we’d love to, but there’s just no money.” Please take a moment to send your letter today.

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