Car-Free Space on JFK Extended

After hundreds of emails and close to 100 public comments at yesterday’s San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) meeting, City leaders publicly committed 10-0 to keep JFK Drive car-free through the current public health orders. Thanks to our members, we’re one step closer to winning permanent car-free space in Golden Gate Park. Want to help us keep up the fight? Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on what’s next.

Let’s Keep JFK car-free!

We heard from residents and visitors alike on why car-free JFK Drive is so important to them. Leslie, a Richmond District resident, shared her experience. “I live across the street and I’m relearning to walk and ride a trike again after a stroke with help from my husband. I love car-free JFK. We have lived here for 20 years and I have never seen more seniors and kids in the park,” said Leslie.

Brooke talked about how her family has used the space in the past year: “We bring our kids and dog to the park every day. Our two kids have been learning to ride bikes and it’s been a safe space for them to learn.” We must put people first in Golden Gate Park.

We know that car-free JFK Drive can be a permanent fixture of joy and community for San Francisco and that we can increase access to it for BIPOC communities, people with disabilities, families, and residents in southeastern neighborhoods. Accessibility and car-free space are not mutually exclusive — and we’re fighting to ensure that the City’s next step outlines an effective solution.

As we enjoy the continued car-free space, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and the Recreation and Parks Department will begin a public outreach process to determine how to make JFK Drive safe, equitable, and accessible. If we want to make sure we keep JFK Drive car-free and inviting for all, we’ll need to show up throughout the process this summer. This is where you come in. Sign up today to keep up to date so you can weigh in.

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