Dealing With Double-Parking on Market Street

Double-parking in the bike lane is a chronic problem on some of our city’s busiest streets, including Market Street. New ideas are emerging for Upper Market Street in response to known issues of vehicles parking in the bike lane. These proposals from the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) will be presented at a public meeting next week, and you’re invited!

Upper Market Street Open House
Thursday, May 5 at 5:30 pm
IBEW Local 6 Meeting Hall @ 55 Fillmore Street

If you are biking up Market towards the Wiggle or continuing through to Castro, Noe Valley and beyond, it has become a common occurrence to have to merge into faster-moving traffic to avoid a delivery truck or ride-service vehicle parked in the bike lane. We know that this makes the biking experience feel uncomfortable and unsafe, which discourages people from biking more in our city.

The SFMTA recognizes this as an issue and has performed extensive analysis to look at how the curb space is being managed. Thanks to this detailed look, they are proposing a set of changes to incentivize drivers to be able to pull all the way over to the curbs to make their drop-offs along Upper Market Street. Additional improvements are being proposed to improve vehicle circulation and make some of the complicated and lengthy intersections safer to cross.

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