Farewell to our Director of Advocacy, Justin Hu-Nguyen

As a long time member, it has been my privilege and joy to lead the advocacy team at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, and I am sad to see this time come to a close. I could never have imagined that what started off as dusting off my bike to end my continued frustration of being passed by a full N Judah would take me on a grand adventure leading me here to the wonderful San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.  

Though the ride has been shorter than I planned, I stand back in awe of all we have achieved together in the last year. Whether it was cementing JFK Promenade as permanently car-free, or creating the beginnings of an equitable Slow Street program, it has been so life-giving to be a part of advocacy that is collaborative, inclusive, and equity-centered. Here, people power is strong —and communities rise together. From the Active Communities Plan, to a massive expansion of Slow Streets to all communities, I cannot wait to see what is next for a city that had so warmly been my home for many years.

However, my ride is not yet over. I’m riding over the Bay Skyway (spending all my wishes to make this happen) to the East Bay. I will be joining Bike East Bay as their Co-Executive Director of Mobility Justice. I’m extremely excited to bring my work in advocacy, policy and mobility justice to my home and to the communities of the east bay.

To all the members, donors, and volunteers of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, thank you for joining our organization on this ride. I am in awe of the work we have accomplished together, and feel so much confidence and joy that 2023 will be a big year for biking in SF.

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