Five Tips for Biking Your Kids to School

Are you ready to apply new-found biking skills to new challenges this fall and keep up your healthy habits from the summer? Bike-to-school families start their day with energizing exercise. Even better, biking parents can save time, reduce stress and contribute to a healthier environment for their kids and the rest of  us.

How you can get your children to and from school on two wheels? We have five easy tips for you:

  1. Start small: Younger children can enjoy the ride to school on a baby/toddler bike seat, family bike or in a trailer or tag-along.
  2. Prepare for a new biking challenge: Give yourself and your child plenty of time when first biking to school. Know your route ahead of time. Your child may ride on the sidewalk up to age 13 if bike lanes are not adequate or if your child is not confident yet. The adult rides parallel in the street. We’re taller and have a better view of both street and sidewalk.
  3. Split the distance: If you live a challenging distance from school and drive a car, put your bikes on the rack, drive part way to school, park a reasonable distance away and bike from there. Fewer cars at the school entrance make it safer for everyone, and you won’t get stuck in the car drop-off queue!
  4. Bike Train! Bike as a group for more fun and visibility: A group biking with two or more adults is called a Bike Train. It’s easier to monitor young riders and keep intersections covered while children bike across.
  5. Give your biking child a head start: With the extra pep in her step from biking, your child will be wide awak when she arrives at school! She’ll learn from your healthy habits, as well, and be prepared to bike on her own when she’s old enough.

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