Join Our Market Street Watch

Even with thousands of people biking on Market Street every day, anyone who bikes here knows that the conditions can be hostile. Enough is enough, which is why we’re calling on our members to hold the City accountable to making progress towards achieving Better Market Street.

Join Our Market Street Watch

After wowing us with beautiful renderings of a new vision for the Better Market Street project in July, the City’s multi-agency project team promised urgency in advancing one segment of the project towards construction by end of next year. The SF Bicycle Coalition is excited to share that City planners are accelerating the design on mid-Market to bring transformative improvements to at least the stretch between Sixth and Eighth Streets, possibly stretching as far west to Van Ness Avenue and east to Fifth Street.

To turn this into reality, stakeholders are already meeting monthly as part of the City-led Community Advisory Committee for this project. We want to make sure we’re engaging every step of the way so that the the City makes good on their promise of protected bike lanes all the way from the Embarcadero through Octavia with urgency. There will be updates every month, and we’re looking to build a team of engaged members to attend these meetings, ask questions and push for the best designs possible to welcome even more people to bike.

The next meeting will be on Monday, Oct. 30, and you’re invited to join.*

Better Market Street Community Advisory Committee
SF Public Works
30 Van Ness Ave., 3rd Floor

*This meeting has been cancelled. Sign up above to receive updates and make sure you get an invite to the next CAC meeting.

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