Member Jane Natoli: We Can Make SF Even Better

Bonafide Women Bike SF changemaker Jane Natoli has been winning hearts and minds since she started biking in San Francisco about four years ago.

“My friends always ask why I bike, and I may say it in a somewhat jokey manner, but it’s true: biking is the fastest way to get around the city,” said Jane.

Though she hasn’t been a member long — just under a year — Jane has jumped in feet-first.

“I believe we can make this city an even better place to bike and that that future isn’t far away,” explained Jane when asked why she joined. “I wanted to help support an organization of great folks who share that goal.”

Between being on the board of directors at the San Francisco LGBT Center and her work with San Francisco’s YIMBY Party, Jane has somehow found time to become a part of Women Bike SF.

“I was looking for ways to get more involved and I wanted to meet more people who bike like myself,” Jane said. “I want to be a part of changing the image of what folks think of when they think of people who bike.”

Jane has a clear vision for what she’d like biking in San Francisco to be like.

“I want to see more and better protected bike lanes,” Jane said. “I hear so many folks say, ‘I would like to bike, but it feels so unsafe.’ I want to live some place where that is no longer a reason folks don’t use their bike to get around.”

When asked how she recommends people plug in, Jane says, “So much about getting involved is just showing up. If anyone reading this has ever been on the fence about getting more involved, whether it’s with Women Bike SF or the SF Bicycle Coalition in general, I’d say, just show up. You’ll be amazed at what happens from there and all the awesome folks you’ll meet.”

Want to get involved like Jane? Join us at our next Women Bike SF coffee club on Friday, Nov. 3 from 8:00 – 9:00 am at Sextant Coffee Roasters!

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