Member Profile: Emily Laubach and Otto Imken

Meet Emily and Otto, two terrific members of the SF Bicycle Coalition since 2009. You’ll find them pedaling around their Bernal Heights neighborhood and all over town. Here’s why they ride, what would make their rides better and why they keep their membership current:

What I love about biking:
Emily: Speed at getting around town, parking is always easy and you get to people watch.
Otto:I love seeing what people are up to on the streets in every part of town — you can see everything in this city!

What I want to see improved:
Emily: Mission street south of Cesar Chavez; the paved road is terrible and not much shoulder for bikes either.
Otto: I ‘d like to see less jaywalking and in response, more bikes yielding to pedestrians. Relations between cars and bikes have improved immensely in the past few years: I’d like to see the same happen for peds and bikes.

Why I’m a member:
Emily: Proud to be a member of the biking community. In the past 15 years since I’ve biked here I’ve seen so many improvements!
Otto: The Coalition has proven that the City will listen and slowly respond if you show up in numbers and consistently ask for simple, practical changes. Thank you!

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