Members’ Hopes and Dreams in 2018

Editors: This story was originally published in Issue 162 of our quarterly Tube Times magazine, one of many perks of membership in the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

Want to know the secret to how the SF Bicycle Coalition consistently wins more and better bike lanes all over San Francisco? It’s you — our members — turning up, speaking out and supporting our advocacy for people biking. So we reached out to a few of you to see what you’re most looking forward to in the year ahead.

Yi Wen, member and 2017 intern

“In 2018, I want San Francisco to be a city
where various levels of riders can explore
the city with ease, breeze and pride.”




Tyra Fennel, member and executive director of Imprint City

“In the Bayview Hunters Point, Imprint City
has created the ‘Sprayview,’ on Egbert Avenue
and Third Street, seeking to bring more art
and lighting to an area frequented by a growing
number of people walking and biking. In 2018,
we are looking forward to securing more
investments to activate similar spaces, bringing
both beauty and public safety to isolated areas
of the city.”


Alison Cantor, Bike Education Outreach Specialist and Valet Bike Parking Supervisor

“I’m really excited for construction on the
Wiggle and Masonic to be finished! These are
critical connectors that will make all the
difference for me and my neighbors.”




Dani Arias, member volunteer and former bicycle education student

“I’m really looking forward to seeing
more protected bike lanes and connected
bike routes, especially in the city’s outer
neighborhoods. I’m lucky to have been able
to take advantage of the upgrades on San Jose
Avenue in a big way this year, and I think
having safer routes will help encourage a lot
of folks in our outer neighborhoods to
commute by bike!”


Soo Lee, member and recent Adult Learn to Ride student

“I’m excited that I will be able to
expand out to new areas in the city on
my bike since San Francisco is fixing up
the streets to be safer for people biking,
driving and walking. I have been mostly
sticking to the park and the Richmond
neighborhood since I feel like it’s slightly
safer, but I’m excited to experience more
of SF by bike!”


Karen Wiener, co-owner of The New Wheel, an SF Bicycle Coalition Business Partner

“The countless symbolic gestures toward cyclists
from City Hall in recent years that have done little to
improve safety and access make the coming local
elections an opportunity to hold City officials
accountable. In 2018, I look forward to dreaming big,
creating a vision of our city with comprehensive
infrastructure and tens of thousands more cyclists,
and putting into action a plan to make it happen.”

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