New Bike Car Added by Caltrain

More bikes. Less bumps.

Starting on April 4, all Bombardier trains will have a third bike car, adding more seats for all passengers and more space for people bringing their bikes on board. Your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition worked hard to build support for this win and we applaud Caltrain staff for delivering on their commitment to their riders.

We know that how we get around can be improved or limited by the transportation options available. Our recent survey showed that our members who currently ride Caltrain would often have to drive if they were unable to bike for the first and last mile of their commutes. While we continue to work with our members to improve access to Caltrain stations and increase secure bike parking, we also know that being able to bring your bike onboard Caltrain is essential for thousands of people daily.

As the Bay Area experiences huge growth in population and jobs, Caltrain’s ridership is increasing dramatically. In order to meet the rapidly growing demand, they purchased 16 used rail cars from Metrolink in Los Angeles. After our members sent in dozens of letters and spoke up in-person at a Caltrain Board meeting last year, Caltrain staff committed to adding an additional bike car by retrofitting their newly-purchased rail cars.

Caltrain runs two kinds of train cars: Bombardier and Gallery. Gallery trains already have space for 80 bikes in two bike cars. Now, Bombardier trains will hold 72 bikes in three bike cars — up from 48 in two cars. This both increases capacity and consistency across Caltrain’s fleet of trains.

Make sure to give an extra “thank you” to Caltrain conductors next time you board with your bike. If you’re on Twitter, send your gratitude to @Caltrain with the hashtag #ThanksCaltrain.

Caltrain Press Conference: Bikes on Bombardiers
Monday, April 4 from 8:00-9:00 am
4th and King Caltrain Station

You can also come say thanks in person. Join us at  the celebration and media event on Monday, April 4 at the 4th and King Station to show Caltrain the people who bike are grateful for their efforts to meet your needs.

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