Saving Our Seawall

We’ve got 425 million reasons why you should support Yes on A, and we’re hosting a bike ride with Port of San Francisco staff to share just a few of those reasons with you.

Saving Our Seawall Bike Ride

Saving Our Seawall: A Bike Ride With the Port
Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Starts at AT&T Park (at Willie Mays Plaza)

Proposition A is the seawall bond measure on the Nov. 6 ballot for San Francisco voters that will generate $425 million for critical seismic strengthening and repair of our Embarcadero seawall. On our bike ride, we’ll be joined by Port staff, who will share their knowledge and expertise and answer your questions.

As you know, your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has long been advocating for a world-class biking experience along the Embarcadero to match the beauty of our waterfront. While we continue to rally support for a protected bike lane along the Embarcadero, we know that the transportation infrastructure here will become obsolete if our seawall is not strong enough to protect it. Whether it’s bike lanes or our BART and Muni systems, we need a strong, resilient seawall to make sure our transportation is sustainable for years to come.

This is your chance to talk directly with staff at the Port of San Francisco to learn about the Seawall Program, a citywide effort to create a stronger and more sustainable waterfront by addressing critical safety upgrades along the Embarcadero seawall. How much will it cost in total? How long will it take? Will the earthquake really hit? Make sure to RSVP today to grab a spot on this bike ride to learn all about what’s at stake.

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