Say Yes to Muni, Say Yes to Safe Streets!

On June 7, San Franciscans have an opportunity to vote on a $400 million dollar bond that will drastically transform the public transportation system we have in our city today.

Proposition A will allocate $400 million dollars to drastically improve Muni and support biking and pedestrian safety improvements, all without raising taxes. As part of the City’s capital plan, old bonds retire and  new bonds take their place without changing taxes. This bond allocates funding to two key components in our public transportation system. $286 million dollars would go towards making Muni fast and reliable, while $114 million dollars would go towards improving street infrastructure so that buses, trains, and people walking and rolling have the infrastructure to get around safely.

We believe that a transit-friendly city is a bike-friendly city, and Prop A will upgrade our Muni facilities and equipment to be the top-knotch system we know it can be. San Francisco is a transit-first city that has made the commitment to 80% sustainable modes of transportation by 2030, and Muni is an environmentally-friendly and accessible mode of transportation that our most vulnerable communities rely on. Muni produces less than one percent of our greenhouse gas emissions every year! 

Biking may not be possible for everyone, which is why we supported efforts to bring back key Muni lines in the Tenderloin during the pandemic. Expanding Muni to neighborhoods that don’t currently have reliable access would transform the way people get around this city and Prop A is how we make this a reality. 

In addition to extremely necessary updates to Muni, Proposition A will allow our streets to support a world-class transit system and redesign streets in a way to prioritize sustainable mobility options like biking and walking. More specifically, $42 million of the $400 million bond will go directly to quick-build improvements for biking and pedestrian improvements. 

We envision a future where people have multiple sustainable transportation options and believe Prop A is an essential first step to creating a holistic system of getting around San Francisco. Bike the Vote with us, spread the word, and vote yes on Prop A!

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