Taking Bike Theft Seriously on Caltrain

Caltrain’s new electrified fleet will be rolling out for service in 2022, and today, we need to ensure that these new trains will be as bike-friendly as possible. After years of working with Caltrain on the design of their new train cars, we are disappointed that their staff recommends only two bike cars per train, raising serious concerns around bike security onboard.

We need your support to ensure the Caltrain Board hears our concerns before they make their final decision next Thursday. Join us in opposing the staff recommendation today by using the template below.

Write to the Caltrain Board today

Our overwhelming concern is that the staff recommendation only provides seven seats per 36 bike spaces on each bike car. We’ve heard from our members that there are real fears of bike theft onboard and that seven seats in bike cars are not enough.

That’s why we need you to write to the Caltrain Board to remind them of their commitment to their riders by demanding the following:

  • Reject the staff recommendation of two bike cars
  • Urge the approval of three or more bike cars to provide adequate seating in view of bike spaces
  • Direct staff to develop robust implementation strategies for increasing security of bikes onboard, building secure bike parking at stations and rapidly growing bike share

This decision will affect Caltrain passengers for decades to come, so let’s make sure the board makes the right decision to support a bike-friendly future.

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