Congratulations to our 2015 Team Bike Challenge Winners!

Team Bike Challenge participants collectively biked 479,803.4 miles in May, which saved 479,803 pounds of CO2 from entering our atmosphere! All of this was made possible by the 1,648 teams and 3,052 individuals participating in San Francisco.

The winning team for the entire Bay Area is…

:: drum roll please ::

San Francisco’s! These five riders pedaled an impressive 9,273.5 miles over 430 trips in May. Team are the reigning champs for San Francisco County since our records start in 2012. We’re thrilled they’ve claimed the Bay Area’s regional award too.

It’s no surprise that the individual with the most miles is also a member of the winning team Peter Chang rode an average of a century every day in May to log 3,114 miles!

You might think these distances are impossible, in which case,  you’ve probably never met or ridden with SF2G. With an online following of over 3,000 people, SF2G is an organized commute leaving every day from SF down the Peninsula, plus tons of weekend rides. Check out the huge turnout they organized on Bike to Work Day and learn more about their welcoming community. In celebration of their work, the SF Bicycle Coalition is proud to recognize SF2G with one our our two 2015 Golden Wheel Awards on Thursday, July 30.

Congratulations to San Francisco’s Company Bike Challenge winners!

Large Companies (300+ Local Employees)
1st Place: Golden Gate National Parks with 12,615 miles across 2,536 trips!
2nd Place: San Francisco SPCA with 1,638 miles
3rd Place: Charles Schwab & Co with 496 miles

Medium Companies (50-300 Local Employees)
1st Place: BeARider Architects with 3,209 miles across 874 trips!
2nd Place: Exploratorium with 3,107 miles
3rd Place: CREDO Mobile with 3,001 miles

Small Companies (1-50 Local Employees)
1st Place: Alexa Internet with 2,907 miles across 712 trips!
2nd Place: David Baker Architects with 1,464 miles (232 points)
3rd Place: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition with 1,671 miles (216 points)

Thanks everyone for riding this May and fueling the competition.

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