Top Five #ParkingDirtySF Posts

Last month, City leaders announced a crackdown on double parking — and we immediately launched a new campaign called #ParkingDirtySF to identify where this dangerous behavior is the worst so that enforcement can be targeted appropriately.

The campaign has gotten a lot of traction already, and you can scroll down to see some of the top photos posted so far. We’d also love your input on where you think #ParkingDirtySF needs to be cleaned up the most, so please share your thoughts with us!

Take action to help fight double-parking:

  1. Let us know. Tell us in the form below where you see the worst double-parking and jammed up intersections and we’ll make sure it gets shared with the SFMTA and SFPD.
  2. Report the violation to the City. When you see double-parking violations, call 415-553-1631.
  3. Join the online campaign. Post a photo of the offense on Twitter using hashtag #ParkingDirtySF . Don’t forget to include information on where the dirty deed is happening, and tag @sfmta_muni and @sfpd as well as @sfbike!

Report #ParkingDirtySF Locations

Highlights from the #ParkingDirtySF Campaign So Far

Thank you to all the of people who have already participated in the campaign. Click here to view the stream of posts for the #ParkingDirtySF campaign.

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