Turn Back Your Clocks, Turn On Your Lights

Get ready to light up the night! Sunday marks the end of daylight saving time, meaning it’s going to be a lot darker next week when you hop on your bike in the evening. To help make sure people riding in San Francisco can be seen and be safe, we’re excited to announce another season of Light up the Night, our annual bike light distribution campaign.

With help from our generous sponsor, Bay Area Bicycle Law, our partners at the SF Municipal Transportation Agency and our team of fabulous volunteers, we install free white front lights and red rear lights on the bicycles of hundreds of people riding at night. We put on these events during the darkest months of the year, starting in November and running through December. To make sure that the bicycle lights go to those who need them the most, we keep the distribution locations a secret.*

This campaign wouldn’t be possible without the support of our dedicated member-volunteers. Sign up to help install lights in a neighborhood near you!

Come Light up the Night

Not only do lights help you be seen while you’re riding, they’re also required by law. California law (CVC 21201) mandates a white front light and rear red reflector or reflective red light, as well as yellow or white reflectors on sides and pedals (reflective whitewalls count). Members, head over to one of our many discount partners to purchase a set of lights. (Not a member? Join today!)

*Please note that you must have a bicycle with you to get a light. We will only install lights on a bicycle.

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