We’re Printing Your Sticker Ideas

We wanted your words, and you delivered. Thank you to the dozens of contributions from members with some really fun slogan ideas for new SF Bicycle Coalition stickers. And congratulations to Paul Valdez and Alejandro Perez who won the contest and will have their slogan ideas printed.

Paul submitted the the slogan “Meet me in the 🚲 lane.” Alejandro submitted the idea for a stylized “¡VÁMONOS!” Both ideas are now designed, queued up at the printer and due to arrive in time for Bike & Roll to School Week (April 16-20) and Bike to Work Day (May 10). We also ordered “Mi familia pedalea,” contributed by Program Director Ana Vasudeo and “🚲 share the ❤️,” suggested by Executive Director Brian Wiedenmeier. And we ran with “加油,” a long time dream of our Advocacy Director Janice Li and Bike East Bay Communications Manager Ginger Jui. It’s a Cantonese idiom that literally means “add oil,” but figuratively means something like “put your back into it,” or “go get ’em.”

Are you excited to hand out these stickers, along with commemorative canvas bags full of goodies to anyone and everyone biking on Bike to Work Day? Sign up to volunteer now and be a part of the one day of the year when San Francisco invites the largest number of people new to biking onto our streets.

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