Wheel Talk: A Wheelie Great First Year

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Wheel Talk for Wheel People is a monthly advice column written by Christopher White, our Program Director. Though bikes, biking and getting around SF are our areas of expertise, feel free to ask anything!

It may be hard to believe, but it’s already time to celebrate a whole year of doling out wheel talk to all of you wheel people. That’s right, we’ve pedaled out a full dozen columns, answering over 30 of your questions. And what a year it’s been! Your SF Bicycle Coalition has taught hundreds of people young and grown how to ride a bicycle or how to keep themselves safe on SF streets; huge biking improvements have been put in the ground on streets like Folsom and Townsend streets, with more coming on Valencia, Howard, and others.

To celebrate, we thought about highlighting three of the most popular columns from the past year. But then I had a rethink: Those are the ones that the MOST people have read.* I want the less-seen columns to get a little more love! So without further ado, here are the top three columns that you shoulda read (but probably didn’t):

WHEEL TALK: The Case of the Unresolved Case

WHEEL TALK: Shine on, LED Kitty!


And fear not, all you wheel people: there’s plenty more to come! We need lots more of your questions to keep this little sweet-and-sour confection spinning like salt-and-vinegar flavored cotton candy. Click the button below to submit your question!

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* Missed them? The top three stories from 2018 were about phones, shoals and scooters.

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