Arguello Boulevard

Arguello Boulevard connects Golden Gate Park with the Presidio has been home to Sunday Streets, one of our 25 Bike To Work Day stations, and of course, serves as the connection from Golden Gate Park up to the Presidio. As part of the repaving scheduled for 2016, we are pushing for better bike infrastructure to improve this popular bicycle route.

The City is planning to repave a full mile of Arguello Boulevard in 2016, covering a stretch of road from Fulton’s Golden Gate Park exit all the way to the Presidio Gate. Beginning early planning now will give us the opportunity to think creatively about shaping a more inviting and enjoyable bike-friendly Arguello. It’s now been over a decade since bike lanes were first introduced on this boulevard and since then biking has dramatically increased citywide — a 96% increase since the bike counts began in 2006.

We began an Arguello Committee in January 2014 to build our vision of what a better Arguello could look like by examining every block and intersection closely. We are looking for more members to get involved and be a part of this exciting opportunity.

Arguello Boulevard

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As part of the first-ever Bicycle Plan published in 1997, Arguello Boulevard was one of the initial streets identified for designated bike lanes. On July 23, 2001, the SF Board of Supervisors voted to make bicycle lanes on Arguello Boulevard permanent. Thanks to the advocacy of our SF Bicycle Coalition members, a short but deteriorating stretch of Arguello from Euclid to California was repaved in 2010 as part of the Good Roads Campaign. More recent improvements include the Arguello Gap Closure project in the Presidio that was completed in February 2014, and the Arguello Green Wave, which will be implemented in Summer 2014. Both projects will improve the bike connectivity along Arguello.