Folsom and Howard

Folsom and Howard are both one-way streets that run through the heart of SoMa. They are also two of the busiest bike routes in the city. That’s why we’re working to win protected bikeways on both streets.

Folsom and Howard Streets are the key corridors to move people through SoMa. These streets need smart street design that repurposes space dedicated to cars and increases space for people biking and walking. As the number of riders increases in SoMa, it is crucial that we have protected, continuous bicycle infrastructure to make the streets safe as demand grows. 

We have pushed hard for more and more protection on these two important corridors. In 2013 we successfully advocated for a lane reduction on Folsom Street, thus creating space for a pilot project with a buffered and partially green bike lane that runs between 4th and 11th. In 2018, we are gearing up for the Folsom and Howard Streetscape project which will re-imagine Folsom and Howard for all users. Our hope is that this project will change Folsom and Howard into, bike-friendly, walkable and people-centered streets while making them safe in the near term. 

Folsom and Howard

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