Thousands of people depend on Caltrain every day as a convenient and sustainable way to commute between San Francisco and the Peninsula. The SF Bicycle Coalition continues to work on improving access and capacity on Caltrain so you can combine bikes and transit to get around.

Since 2004, the number of passengers bringing their bike on Caltrain has grown over 300 percent. Thanks to the advocacy of our members, our BIKES ONboard team and Caltrain’s leadership, bike capacity has increased significantly since 2009. While this is a huge help for the many who need their bike to commute every day to and from Caltrain, people with bikes continue to be left behind on the platform, or “bumped,” every day due to limited bike capacity. Join our campaign today and support our work in advocating for bikes and transit.

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Our Current Work

Our recommendations to Caltrain are to:

  1. Increase bicycle capacity on the new car purchase as part of Caltrain electrification and modernization;
  2. Improve wayside facilities to increase secure bicycle parking at Caltrain stations;
  3. Allow for priority boarding for passengers with bicycles on bike cars in order to speed the boarding process for all passengers;
  4. Develop a system for communicating real-time bike capacity; and
  5. Develop a plan for integrating bike share expansion into the future of Caltrain.