Maps & Routes

San Francisco has an extensive bike network. Learn the best routes to get you from Point A to Point B by bike. Plus, a topo map to help you avoid SF’s hills.


Bicycle Law

Learn the Rules of the Road and how to pedal safely and legally in San Francisco. Plus, what to do if you’re involved in a crash.


Urban Bicycling Workshops

The SF Bicycle Coalition is proud to be the leading local resource for street safety. We teach a variety of classes for bicyclists. Sign up today!


Theft & Locking

Bike theft is a serious problem in San Francisco. Learn how to keep your bike secure and what to do if your bike is stolen.


Issues & Improvements

Help us by reporting potholes, unsafe street conditions or improvements you want to see on your commute.


Bike Parking

The SF Bicycle Coalition has made great strides in opening up more secure bike parking. We will help you get more bike parking at your work, events and around town.


Bikes & Transit

Combining bikes and transit is a great way to travel around the Bay Area. Learn the rules for bringing your bike on BART, Muni and Caltrain.