Driver Education

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is proud to be a leading resource for bicycle safety and awareness education. Through our partnerships with City and private companies, we are training thousands of drivers how to safely navigate our city streets with people biking. By reaching out to professional drivers who set the tone of our streets, we can help to make SF a safer place for all road users. Our training covers key issues including: how to safely take turns, loading & unloading and bicycle rights and Rules of the Road.


Professional Driver Education

In an effort to improve street safety for all road users, the SF Bicycle Coalition has begun training professional drivers with large fleets that drive through San Francisco. We are currently reaching out to a variety of organizations including: rideshare companies, companies with large vehicles like trucks and delivery vans and shuttle operators. If you are interested in having us come out to train your drivers, please fill out our request form.

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Taxi Training

Since 2012, the SF Bicycle Coalition has been training all new taxi drivers in conjunction with the SFMTA’s taxi program. We personally train 1,000+ taxi drivers a year on key safety issues including: how to drop off and pick up passengers, taking turns around people biking and the relevant California Vehicle Codes on biking and bike lanes.

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SFMTA Muni Operator Training

As part of our ongoing bicycle education program with the City, the SF Bicycle Coalition coordinated with the SFMTA to develop a Muni Operator training video that is shown to all Muni operators on an ongoing basis.

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SFMTA Large Vehicle Urban Driving Safety Program

The SF Bicycle Coalition coordinated with the SFMTA to develop a Large Vehicle Urban Driving Safety Program, including a free video that is available to all companies employing large vehicle drivers. The SF Bicycle Coalition helped to develop the training standards and video curriculum.

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Uber Bicycle Safety Videos

Drivers on the Uber platform receive four short videos with tips for how to share the road safely with people on bikes, including while making right turns, dropping off passengers and more. Additionally, both drivers and riders receive targeted messaging and tips with best practices for sharing the road. As San Francisco’s number-one resource on safe streets education, your SF Bicycle Coalition consulted on the content of these videos and tips.