Safety & Education

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is proud to be the leading resource for street safety in the city.


Urban Bicycling Workshops

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition teaches thousands of people through our free urban bicycling classes. From teaching you to ride a bike, to introduction to urban biking to on-street practice, we’ll get you biking safely and legally.

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Driver Education

Professional drivers generate thousands of trips every year and set the tone on the streets. The SF Bicycle Coalition teaches professional drivers courses in how to safely share the streets with people biking. We currently teach all San Francisco taxi, Muni and Recology drivers, and we’re continuing to expand this program.

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Vision Zero

We believe San Francisco can eliminate all traffic deaths and severe injuries by 2024 by redesigning our most dangerous streets, encouraging safe behaviors on the roads and ensuring that traffic enforcement focuses on creating a culture of safety.

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Bike It Forward

Transportation is the second highest monthly expense for San Franciscans. At our Bike It Forward events, we work with groups to refurbish bikes and give them to those who will benefit most from the affordable transportation.

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The SF Bicycle Coalition is working to ensure that people biking and walking receive fair and equal treatment by the police. We call on the SFPD to use a data-driven approach to ticketing, focusing on the most dangerous behaviors at the most dangerous locations.

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Ride with Respect

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is proud to present Ride with Respect, a bike bell distribution campaign. With our amazing member-volunteers, we’ll distribute hundreds of bike bells and spread the word on how people can respectfully share our streets and public spaces. For people who bike, riding with respect includes following the rules of the road, yielding to people walking and communicating your presence using your voice or (ding-ding!) a bike bell. To ensure that the bike bells go to people who need them most, we keep the distribution location a secret.

Huge thanks to our Ride with Respect sponsors, LaneSpotter and Recology.

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Light up the Night

The SF Bicycle Coalition is proud to partner with REI Co-Op for Light Up the Night, an annual bike light distribution campaign. With our amazing volunteers, we install hundreds of white front lights and red rear lights (as required by law) on bicycles for people riding in the dark. To make sure that the bicycle lights go to those who need them the most, we keep the distribution locations a secret.

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