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“Taking a classroom road class, plus a road skills class, gave me the courage to imagine that I could ride on roads one day, and gave me many skills [and] tips that surely saved my life … I’m out of my car, 40 pounds lighter, so much more confident, and living a biking dream that I would otherwise have thought was permanently outside my reach.” —Natalie, San Francisco


Adult Learn to Ride

You’re never too old to learn to bicycle! Instructors will work one-on-one to teach the basics of balancing, starting, stopping and steering a bike, as well as proper helmet fit and adjustment. Our skilled and patient instructors will help get you rolling in no time.


On-Bike Practice for Beginning Adult Cyclists

This is the perfect class for people who are new to biking and want to practice their skills in a supportive group environment. We’ll start in a car-free space, working on confidently starting, stopping, scanning, and signaling. We’ll then take to the streets for a guided group ride where we’ll practice our new skills.


Smart City Cycling 1: Classroom

Looking for a comprehensive introduction into urban riding? Our Smart City Cycling series is a three-part course covering everything you need to know about biking in the city. The three parts are divided into a Classroom workshop which is a pre-requisite for the two 2-hour on-bike workshops, Smart City Cycling 2: Maneuvering and Smart City Cycling 3: Road Practice. Great for anyone wanting to hone their skills, or for those interested but intimidated by urban biking.


Smart City Cycling 2: Maneuvering

This on-bike class uses the League of American Bicyclists curriculum and will focus on the bike-handling skills you need to safely and confidently ride in urban traffic. The class will be conducted in a car-free space, and is the second in the Smart City Cycling sequence. Smart City Cycling 1: Classroom is a prerequisite for this course.


Smart City Cycling 3: Road Practice

Join us for a group ride where we’ll practice the skills learned in Smart City Cycling 1 and 2 on the roads of SF. Experienced instructors will lead you in practicing intersection positioning, signaling, taking the lane, and more. Smart City Cycling 2: Maneuvering is a prerequisite for this course.


Night and All-Weather Biking

In a city that (almost) never sleeps, where mist and precipitation might roll in at any moment, it’s important to feel confident riding in any condition. This class, designed for intermediate riders who feel comfortable navigating urban streets, will teach you how to be prepared for whatever comes our way.


Sharing City Streets

Our streets are rapidly changing: there are more bike lanes and other bike infrastructure, more “micromobility” options, more gig-worker drivers. How do we keep ourselves and each other safe in the face of these changes? This class focuses on how we can safely share our streets no matter what our chosen modes of transportation are.



Intro to Biking in San Francisco

This course covers the basics of how to pick the right bike for everyday riding in SF, the rules of the road, and route planning. This is a great introduction for people who are considering bicycling, or looking to brush up on skills. We also offer classes in partnership with Bike Share companies so you can learn how to incorporate those bikes into your ride.



Youth and Family Classes

Want to start biking with your kiddo? That’s great! The SF Bicycle Coalition teaches family biking classes that cover everything from biking while pregnant to biking your child to school. Biking with your family allows you to spend more quality, healthy time together.



Freedom From Training Wheels

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is proud to help the next generation learn to ride confidently and comfortably on two wheels at the Freedom From Training Wheels Family Workshops across the city. At every Sunday Streets instructors are on hand to help caretakers and kids glide and ride on two wheels.

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School Physical Education Courses

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and YMCA YBike Program are proud to partner in helping San Francisco students learn to ride confidently and comfortably on two wheels. In our two-week long programs, YBike staff teach traffic safety and biking skills through classroom and on-bike experiences.

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All of our bicycle education classes are free and open to the public.

Many classes are part of the SFMTA’s Bicycle Safety Education program, presented in partnership with the nonprofit San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. They are made possible in part by Proposition K Sales Tax dollars provided by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

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Still can’t find a class on our calendar that works with your schedule? Visit  Bike East Bay’s website for a schedule of available classes. Our classes are transferrable so you can take Smart City Cycling 1 or Smart City Cycling 2 and 3 in either location.