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Class Types

Free, in-person and online bicycle education classes are available for all ages, skills and experience levels.


Adult Learn to Ride

On-bike class for absolute beginners who want to learn to ride a bike for the first time. Instructors will work one-on-one to assist participants in learning the basics of balancing, starting, stopping and steering a bike, as well as proper helmet fit and adjustment. [In-Person]

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On-Bike Practice for Beginning Adult Cyclists

On-bike class for beginners who want more practice riding in car-free areas and in traffic. We’ll start in a car-free space, working on confidently starting, stopping, scanning, and signaling. We’ll then take to the streets for a guided group ride where we’ll practice our new skills. [In-Person]

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Smart City Cycling 1: Classroom

This is the perfect class for people interested in biking but intimidated by urban traffic, and for anyone who’s already riding and wants to hone their skills. We’ll cover choosing a bike, the rules of the road, biking in traffic, handling intersections, and avoiding collisions. [Online and in-person]

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Intro to Biking in SF with Bay Wheels

In partnership with Bay Wheels, this class covers bicycling for everyday riding in SF, the rules of the road, route planning, how to use Bay Wheels, and details of Bike Share for All (Bay Wheels’ program for low-income participants). [Online and in-person]

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Intro to Biking in San Francisco Webinar

This class will teach you how to get started riding in San Francisco, or help you brush up on your skills if you already ride a bike. We’ll cover how to pick a bike, bicycle and helmet fit, route planning, rules of the road, crash prevention, how to protect your bike, and more. [Online]

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Smart City Cycling 2: Maneuvering

On-bike class for people who have completed Smart City Cycling 1 or Intro to Biking in San Francisco and want to learn maneuvering skills for safe city bicycling. This class will teach bike-handling skills you need to safely and confidently ride in urban traffic. Conducted in a car-free space, this class will cover how to ride with one hand in order to signal, scanning over one’s shoulder, and crash-avoidance maneuvers. [In-Person]

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Smart City Cycling 3: Road Practice

On-bike class for people who have completed Smart City Cycling 2. In this class, we’ll go on a guided group ride to practice street-riding skills on increasingly high-volume streets. Skills covered in this class include taking the lane, changing lanes, left turns, and lane positioning and signaling. [In-Person]

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Night and All-Weather Biking

This class, designed for riders who already feel comfortable navigating city streets, will teach you how to prepare to ride in suboptimal weather and light conditions. We’ll cover safe riding practices, what equipment you need, and how to keep your bike running smoothly, including how to clean and lubricate your chain. This class is off-bike and in a classroom (or online)[Online or in-person]

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Bike-Safe Driving

This off-bike, classroom class will teach users of all modes of transportation, including people who walk, bike, drive, and take transit, how to keep ourselves and each other safe on our shared streets. We’ll cover effective communication between different modes of travel, rules of the road, safe practices and right of way at intersections, and how to navigate various types of bicycle infrastructure, whether you’re riding a bike, walking, or driving. [Online or in-person]

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The majority of classes listed are part of the SFMTA’s Bicycle Safety Education program, presented in partnership with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. It is made possible by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority through a grant of Proposition K Local Transportation Sales Tax Funds.


Do I need to bring my own bicycle to class?

For on-bike classes (Adult Learn to Ride, On-Bike Practice for Beginning Adult Cyclists, Smart City Cycling 2 and 3), yes, all participants must either bring a bike or rent one in advance. Bikes will not be available for rental at the class. If you don’t have a bicycle, you will be contacted before the class with information on how to rent one. If the cost of a bike rental (about $20) is a barrier for you, we may be able to cover the cost. You can contact us as or or 415.409.9416 to see there is still funding available.

How old do you have to be to attend a class?

Our classroom and webinar classes are open to people of all ages, though the cadence and curriculum is designed for those 15 and older. Our on-bike classes are limited to people 18 years old and older. If you are looking for classes specifically for youth, please see our calendar.

Do you have classes for youth?

We do! Check out our calendar of upcoming youth and family classes.

Do you have classes in languages other than English?

We do! Check out our calendar for classes in español (Spanish), 廣東話(Cantonese), 普通话 (Mandarin) and Tagalog.

Don't see what you're looking for?

Take our survey to let us know what types of things you want to learn about.

Can't find a class on our calendar that works with your schedule?

Visit  Bike East Bay’s website for a schedule of available classes. Our classes are transferrable so you can take Smart City Cycling 1 or Smart City Cycling 2 and 3 in either location.

General questions?

Email or call 415-409-9416.

What COVID-19 precautions are you taking?

We are holding our classes in strict adherence with SFDPH guidelines, including instituting health screenings, mandating face coverings, enforcing social distancing, and providing PPE. We have resumed with in-person, outdoor, on-bike classes, and are still holding webinars.

Youth and Family Classes

Want to start biking with your kiddo? That’s great! The SF Bicycle Coalition teaches family biking classes that cover everything from biking while pregnant to biking your child to school. Biking with your family allows you to spend more quality, healthy time together.



Freedom From Training Wheels

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is proud to help the next generation learn to ride confidently and comfortably on two wheels at the Freedom From Training Wheels Family Workshops across the city. At every Sunday Streets instructors are on hand to help caretakers and kids glide and ride on two wheels.

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School Physical Education Courses

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and YMCA YBike Program are proud to partner in helping San Francisco students learn to ride confidently and comfortably on two wheels. In our two-week long programs, YBike staff teach traffic safety and biking skills through classroom and on-bike experiences.

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