Board of Directors

The SF Bicycle Coalition is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The board is responsible for the organization’s financial health and achievement of its mission. Any SF Bicycle Coalition member can run for the board. Members are invited to attend board meetings. Check out our Events Calendar for meeting dates and times, and download meeting minutes from our archive. To submit questions or comments to the board, please email

Nicholas Aulston, President

I love the connection between problem-solving and the life of a cyclist. From navigating a new exciting route, to balancing pannier weights, to bike mechanics, life on a bicycle has taught me a lot. Off of a bike, I’ve been curious about the urban condition and have collected experiences ranging from working in Honduras to researching contemporary urban planning challenges such as housing, environmental justice, crime and bike infrastructure through a lens of equity and equality. Currently, I’m focused on Bicis Del Pueblo, a project that brings bike safety, mechanic and advocacy skills to individuals and families in the Excelsior.

Mary Kay Chin, Secretary

Mary Kay Chin is a San Francisco native living in the Tenderloin. She has a decade of community organizing experience, most recently as co-founder of SF Yellow Bike Project. Mary Kay has organized with Cycles of Change, Spokeland, Bici Bici, San Francisco Bike Party, East Bay Bike Party and Clitoral Mass. She is committed to making our streets safer and more accessible for all, with an emphasis on women, women of color and underserved communities. A member since 2008, biking is Mary Kay’s primary mode of transportation. She is committed to a future where bicycles are the norm.

Jean Kao, Treasurer

Jean Kao is a software product manager and former startup founder who brings her experience in business management, people-centered design and systems thinking to the work of the board. She’s been an SF Bicycle Coalition member, volunteer and outreach ambassador for over a decade and is also the organizer of the Norcal Bicycle Touring Meetup. Jean has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Robin Abad Ocubillo

Robin Abad Ocubillo is an urban planner and designer with a background in youth development, advocacy, and social justice. His work focuses on design, management, evaluation, and policy for open space and complete streets. Prior to his current role at the San Francisco Planning Department, Robin worked with LADOT People St. and the Mayor’s Great Streets Project on advocacy and performance evaluation of projects throughout L.A.  Before that he served for several years as a Project Manager in the Golden Gate National Parks, working on cultural landscape and visitor access projects at sites throughout Bay Area parklands.

Rocky Beach

Rocky Beach is a long-standing SF Bicycle Coalition member dedicated to making San Francisco a better city for bicycling. As both an urban and recreational cyclist, he uses the city’s bicycle lanes on a daily basis and is passionate about the SF Bicycle Coalition’s work to combine advocacy, planning and education to promote bicycling for everyday transportation. Rocky Beach is the founder and Executive Director of Ultimate Impact, a nonprofit that provides at-risk youth with increased opportunities, confidence, communication abilities and conflict-resolution skills.

Amandeep Jawa

Amandeep Jawa is a software engineer and local environmental activist. As a board member (and former president) of the San Francisco League of Conservation Voters, and through his involvement in numerous political campaigns, he has worked to create a better world on a local, regional and national level. In addition to being involved with the SF Bicycle Coalition for many years, he is an avid urban bicyclist and bike commuter.

Shirley Johnson

Shirley Johnson has been an active SF Bicycle Coalition member over 17 years. She received a Golden Wheel Award for her leadership of the grassroots, volunteer-run BIKES ONboard project that increased bicycle access onboard Caltrain and BART. After earning a doctorate in chemical engineering from Stanford University, Shirley worked in Holland and loved its matter-of-fact, all-ages bicycle culture. She lives car-free, commutes by bike to work, and enjoys bicycle touring. Shirley believes strongly in participatory democracy and transparency, and she is dedicated to helping the SF Bicycle Coalition thrive as a member-driven advocacy organization to make biking better for everyone.

Marie Jonas

Marie Jonas brings to the board her love of riding and commitment to justice and community-building. Marie is an attorney with Folger Levin, where she represents nonprofits, businesses and individuals on a wide range of issues. She also volunteers her skills to represent children in immigration proceedings and advocates for various political causes, currently with the nonprofit Sister District Project, where she specializes in voter engagement. As an avid bike commuter and recreational cyclist, Marie is devoted to sharing the joy of riding and to transforming our city so that everyone in San Francisco feels welcome to ride a bike.

Adam Keats

Adam Keats has been a public-interest environmental lawyer for nearly 20 years. He is currently with the Center for Food Safety, where he focuses on water privatization. He has also practiced land-use law, has served as general counsel for the Center for Biological Diversity, and has advised other non-profits on formation and governance issues. He has long been a daily bicycle-commuter and rider, inhabiting Valencia and Market streets in the mid-1990s (pre-bike lanes), braving four seasons of Boston drivers in the early-2000s, and now sharing his daily ride with his kids.

Jane Natoli

Jane Natoli is a Financial Crimes Analyst at Stripe by day and is involved in local activism with housing and the LGBTQ community in addition to biking. As a board member at the SF LGBT Center and an organizer with Grow the Richmond and YIMBY, she is acutely aware of the interconnected nature of trying to make San Francisco more equitable for everyone. She is a long-time cyclist working to connect everyone else with the passion of biking as the best way to get around our city by advocating for a safer, more comfortable San Francisco for all.

Lindy Kae Patterson

Lindy Patterson brings to the board more than 10 years experience as a brand strategist and creative director passionate about helping nonprofit organizations express and fulfill their core missions. A car-free San Franciscan who bikes for everyday transportation and fun, Lindy is also co-founder of Dandyhorse SF Tours (formerly known as Pedal Inn), which guides people on bike and food adventures around San Francisco. She believes deeply in the power of bikes as a tool for social and environmental justice, and is dedicated to advancing the role they play in making our city more accessible, healthy, beautiful and sustainable.

Jeremy Pollock

Jeremy Pollock served as a Legislative Aide to Supervisor John Avalos where he worked closely with the SF Bicycle Coalition on policies like the Employee Bike Access, Bike Parking, Unclaimed Bikes and Bike Yield ordinances. He is excited to bring his knowledge of the City’s legislative, budgetary and political processes to the Board of Directors. He is also a member of the steering committee of the San Francisco League of Pissed Off Voters, a founding board member of the San Francisco Institute of Possibility (a local art nonprofit) and a member of the Beauty Operators String Band.

Andy Thornley


Andy Thornley is a practitioner with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, managing the city’s right of way for safe, equitable, sustainable streets for everyone. Andy was the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s Program Director and Policy Director for seven years, and has served on the board of directors of TransForm, the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition, the Bay Area Bicycle Coalition, the Planning Association for the Richmond and the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival. He invites you to ride with joy and compassion — give way and use your bell!

Jiro Yamamoto

Raised in Vermont, Jiro found learning to ride opened up a world of movement more exciting than walking. He was riding long before moving to SF in 1993. After colliding with a car in 1997, Jiro joined the SF Bicycle Coalition. As a 19-year firefighter, Jiro sees the complex mix of people driving, walking and biking our potholed streets. The resultant casualties motivate him to press for change. Jiro’s primary goal is to activate, diversify and increase our membership. He says “United, our collective efforts will transform the city.”