Board of Directors

The SF Bicycle Coalition is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. The board is responsible for the organization’s financial health and achievement of its mission. Any SF Bicycle Coalition member can run for the board. Members are invited to attend board meetings. Check out our Events Calendar for meeting dates and times, and download meeting minutes from our archive. To submit questions or comments to the board, please email

Marie Jonas

Marie Jonas, President

Marie Jonas brings to the board her love of riding and commitment to justice and community-building. Marie is an attorney with Folger Levin, where she represents nonprofits, businesses and individuals on a wide range of issues. She also volunteers her skills to represent children in immigration proceedings and advocates for various political causes, currently with the nonprofit Sister District Project, where she specializes in voter engagement. As an avid bike commuter and recreational cyclist, Marie is devoted to sharing the joy of riding and to transforming our city so that everyone in San Francisco feels welcome to ride a bike.

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Lucas Lux, Treasurer

Lucas Lux is passionate about bikes as transportation. And as a source of fun. And health. And equitable transit. And sustainability. And… you get the idea! Living in the Outer Sunset and commuting by bicycle to his job downtown each day, Lucas is excited about the SFBC’s mission to transform San Francisco’s streets and neighborhoods into more livable and safe places by promoting the bicycle for everyday transportation. Lucas believes that fulfilling this mission will make San Francisco a happier, healthier, more equitable city. During the day, Lucas works as a commercial attorney.

Sarah Barnes, Secretary

Sarah is a deeply optimistic individual working on the future of urban mobility, and in particular cycling and bikeshare. She has worked in bikeshare internationally, and published transportation research with the UN, Siemens, LSE Cities and more. Sarah also shares her thoughts on the future of transport in a weekly transportation + technology newsletter, Along for the Ride. You can usually find Sarah exploring San Francisco with her bikes, Mildred and Stella. When she’s not thinking about transportation, she loves to read about art history with a cup of tea, go cold-water swimming in the Pacific, and host dinner parties. Sarah holds a BA in Human Geographyfrom UBC, and an MSc in City Design and Social Sciences from the London School of Economics.

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Dave Alexander

Dave is a regular bicycle commuter to Mid-Market / Soma and his children’s schools. All too often gaps in safe and equitable bicycle infrastructure are exposed in his daily journey. He sees the strong ties between small businesses, municipal transportation agencies and local government as essential to literally moving our community forward, while addressing our climate crisis head on. Dave’s background is rooted in community organizing, people-first
streets advocacy, and community mental health. Dave has been one of the principal organizers for the Richmond Family Transportation Network
( alongside his neighbors and their families and friends. There is much more work to be done ensuring our streets and parks create equitable access for people of color, older adults, and people with a disability.

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Kat Chen

Kat Chen is excited to go from a long time SFBC member to volunteer to a Board Director this year!  As a social worker/therapist by day, she has used bicycles for commuting and recreation since moving to San Francisco 10 years ago.  Kat enjoys riding her bike on the streets, on roads to nowhere, and on endless dirt trails.  She believes that bikes belong to everyone and aims to work with SFBC in making this a reality for all of us.  Say hello if you see her!

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Jason Ford

Jason is best known for creating the Safe Bike Routes map and advocating for bike routes so safe any age or skill level can use them. He believes deeply in the bicycle’s power to transform physical health, mental health, and the earth’s health. Father to two boys, his family’s primary transportation is a pair of cargo ebikes. School, groceries, work, fun… ebikes are how his family gets around rain or shine. Look for him on JFK Promenade riding the blue cargo bike with two kids. Give a wave when you see him and he’ll shout back, “nice bike!” with a wave and a smile.

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Joanna Gubman

Joanna serves as Executive Director of Urban Environmentalists, where she advocates to transform cities and towns into more sustainable, human-centered, and just communities through land use policy reform. Previously, she spent many years in public service addressing climate change and ensuring that people who’ve been shut out gain access to safe, effective, and affordable infrastructure. On visiting fellowships in Berlin, she researched micromobility and transportation electrification policies.

Joanna is committed to environmental and transportation justice and believes in the power of bicycling to make SF a safer, more just, and more vibrant city.
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Jean Kao

Jean Kao works in civic technology at where she helps cities manage their shared mobility programs to achieve safety, equity, and sustainability goals. She’s committed to growing our inclusive bicycle community and building collaborative relationships grounded in transportation justice and equity. Jean’s been an SFBC volunteer and advocate for 10+ years. She’s also an organizer of the Norcal Bicycle Touring meetup and a legal observer with the National Lawyers Guild.

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Roan Kattouw

Roan was born and raised in the Netherlands, and like most Dutch kids he grew up biking everywhere. When he moved to San Francisco in 2012, the first thing he did was join the SF Bicycle Coalition, to support the creation of the kind of safe bicycling infrastructure he rode on back home. Roan is a software engineer at the Wikimedia Foundation by day, and an advocate for bike infrastructure, safer streets and better transit by night.

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Meaghan Mitchell

Meaghan Mitchell has had success in building the trust of residents from the most vulnerable neighborhoods in SF, stemming from growing up in Bayview, a historically marginalized community. Meaghan’s background is multifaceted and focuses at the intersection of diversity, inclusion and community engagement.

Over time, Meaghan’s outreach work has helped establish the legislated “African American Arts & Cultural District” of SF, launched the first dock-less e-bike share system in SF JUMP Bikes, debuted Hoodline’s Bayview news coverage through journalism, and lead the “Play Streets For All” initiative while working for Livable City.

Christy Osorio

Christy believes there is a place for everybody in the movement for safe streets and is dedicated to uplifting varied lived experiences for more inclusive bicycle advocacy. Christy owes her dedication to civic engagement to the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition- when during the great bike injunction of 2006, SF Bicycle Coalition staff coached her to speak at her first public hearing.  Christy works as a transportation planner, believes in the power of bicycling to nourish communities, and sees how a community’s values are reflected in the built environment. She brings to the board a dedication to collaboration so that we may continue the legacy of radical transportation in San Francisco.

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Lisa Ratner

Lisa Ratner has been an SFBC member for over 10 years! She is a User Experience Researcher specializing in making tech products inclusive and is dedicated to the transportation sector. She has worked on a wide range of transportation projects spanning bike share, street design advocacy, public-private partnerships, mode-shift software, and safe driving tools. She has studied bike urban planning in Amsterdam and Copenhagen and dreams of a SF network of street promenades that connect the neighborhoods across the city.

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Danny Sauter

Danny is committed to making bicycling the safest, most reliable form of everyday transit for all San Franciscans. As the President of his neighborhood association in North Beach, he has a record of expanding bike share stations, creating a small business COVID relief program powered by bike delivery, and highlighting the lack of open streets in District 3. 

During the day, Danny works as the Executive Director of Neighborhood Centers Together, a coalition of community centers across San Francisco that serve our most vulnerable populations with social services, education and childcare, language access, and community resources. 

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Juli Uota

As a teacher and graduate of Adult Learn to Ride, and a member for over ten years, Juli is dedicated to the SF Bicycle Coalition’s mission bringing critical insight into the challenges of riding in San Francisco with a focus on expanding the community of people who bike. She was staff Phone Bank Coordinator for almost a decade, Interim Membership Department lead twice, and now continues her phone bank work as a volunteer. Juli has extensive community and political organizing experience, managing volunteer efforts in presidential campaigns, state races, and as Chair of Democracy Action, a prominent electoral advocacy group.

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Karen Wiener

Karen Wiener is a biking mom and co-owner of The New Wheel, an electric bicycle shop in San Francisco, Larkspur Landing, and Oakland. Her  life’s work is to increase the ease, joy, and utility of using bicycles in San Francisco and the Bay Area. She brings a deep understanding of the practical requirements of people who use bicycles, an appreciation for the role of small business in our community, and a focused interest in the success of bicycles as transportation.

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