Bikes & Transit

Bikes on Muni

By combining transit with a bike ride you can extend your pedal-powered reach much further across the city and across the region All San Francisco Muni buses are equipped with two front-mounted bike racks, providing for easy cross-city travel by bike and transit. With the exception of folding bikes, bikes are not allowed on Muni trains.

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Bikes on BART

After decades of advocacy from the San Francisco and East Bay Bicycle Coalitions, bikes are now allowed on BART at all times of day! While there are no time restrictions for bike access, there are still a few important rules to bringing your bike onboard. Bikes are never allowed in the first car or on the escalators.

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Bikes on Caltrain

Combining bikes and Caltrain is a great way to commute between San Francisco and San Jose. Each Caltrain train either has a bike car or designated bike space. Unfortunately, Caltrain has not kept up with the demand for bikes on board, and riders may be denied boarding or “bumped.” Read more about bringing your bike on Caltrain and what to do if you are bumped.

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