Bike the Vote
Bike the Vote 2019

Your San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is proud to make endorsements in our local elections. After a robust, member-involved process, we are excited to share our slate of endorsements. Read more here.

How It Works

As a part of our 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, we have a robust endorsements process to make bicycling and transportation a local voting issue:

1. Candidate questionnaires are shared with all candidates and completed questionnaires are posted online

2. Current SF Bicycle Coalition members weigh in on candidates through an online poll

3. Our board of directors reviews questionnaires, poll results, and past history of candidates to determine the final slate of endorsements

4. We share out our endorsements and encourage our members to Bike the Vote in November.

If you have questions about our endorsements process, please email

Get Involved

Get to know where all the candidates stand on biking and transportation issues.

Have more thoughts? Reach out to our board of directors today.

Get ready for November 3 and register to vote or check your voter registration.