Bike Boxes and Trailers

Going on a trip or need to move something? SF Bicycle Coalition members get free bike trailer and bike box rentals — just one of the many perks of membership!


Bike Trailers

The SF Bicycle Coalition maintains a fleet of trailers for free checkout to members. Not a member yet? Join Today! We offer three different trailers to meet your hauling needs:

  • Bikes at Work Model 64
    64″ aluminum truss-frame trailer; easily carry a 4×8 sheet of plywood, eight bags of groceries, or whatever else you can fit on it up to 300 lbs; holds 4 plastic tote boxes before stacking
  • Bikes at Work Model 32
    32″ aluminum truss-frame trailer; smaller grocery trips, bike camping and small furniture; holds 2 plastic totes before stacking
  • Burley Travoy
    Easy-to-use, versatile trailer for loads under 60 pounds.

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Bike Box

Flying with your bike? Reserve one of our bike boxes. We offer two heavy-duty plastic shell cases for travel. Submit a reservation at least one week in advance to ensure you can score one of the coveted boxes. We offer the following bike boxes:

Serfas SBC Bike Case

Trico Iron Case

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