Membership Rates

Membership Rates

Starting on September 1, we’re adding a $15 reduced rate membership to make membership with the SF Bicycle Coalition more accessible. And in order to make this possible, we’ll be adjusting the price of our standard membership from $35 to $45.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you raising membership rates now?

Increasing our standard membership rate to $45 allows us to make our membership more accessible through our reduced rate option at $15. Your membership funds directly support our ability to win more protected bike lanes in San Francisco, teach more people how to bike, distribute bikes through our Bike It Forward program, and work on your behalf to transform our city’s streets into safe, just, and livable spaces.

How often do you change your membership prices? Will there be another price increase?

This is the first time we’ve changed our membership price in 13 years. Our membership prices are subject to change in future years, but we do not currently have any price increases planned.

Who is the reduced rate for?

We created our reduced rate membership for students, seniors, and lower income households. If your income is above those levels, we recommend that you join at the standard membership rate.

How can I become a member at the reduced rate? Do I have to prove my income?

Starting on September 1, 2020, you can become a member at our reduced rate here. You do not have to prove your income.

I already pay more than $35 a year for membership. Does anything change for me?

If you already pay more than $35, nothing changes. But, by increasing your support, we can do more together. Thank you for your membership!

When will my price change?

On September 1, 2020, our standard membership rate will change to $45. If you have already renewed your membership for this year, you will not see the price change until the next time you renew. For example, if you renewed your membership for $35 in July of 2020, the standard membership rate will be $45 the next time you renew.

I just renewed my membership last month — do I owe you more money now?

Nope! The next time you renew your membership, the standard rate will be $45.

I’m a barter member. Does anything change for me?

Nope! You can still become a barter member by volunteering 10 hours of your time. Sign up to become a barter member here.

Remind me, what are the perks of being a member with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition?

  • A team of advocates working on your behalf to win more protected bike lanes and make biking more accessible
  • Discounts at 70+ businesses throughout SF
  • Free rentals of our bike boxes and trailers
  • Free SF biking and walking map
  • Events and rides with a community of people who love to bike in our city
  • A subscription to our Tube Times magazine

Become a Member

Make your love for our mission to promote the bicycle for everyday transportation official. Head to our membership page to choose the option that’s right for you.