3 Ways You Can Help Stop Double Parking in the Bike Lanes

Editors: This story was originally published in Issue 156 of our quarterly Tube Times magazine,one of many perks of membership in the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. 

Valencia. Folsom. Market. We see people stopping their cars in the bike lanes all across San Francisco, requiring people biking to swerve in and out of faster-moving traffic.

It does not have to be this way. Join us in taking these three steps to fight the flood of people illegally stopping in bike lanes.

1.Request Enforcement 

Call 311 or tweet a picture @SF311 to officially request enforcement of laws forbidding people from parking in bike lanes.

Update – July 19, 2016: Members Adam Long and Dorie Apollonio indicate that the better number to call is 415-553-1200, press 1, press 6 for reporting people parked in the bike lane.

2. Voice Concerns with SFPD and Supervisors 

Emailing concerns to the nearest SFPD station (and copying the Supervisor representing that area) ensures a record of the problem so the police are aware of this issue. You can also tweet photos at SFPD station Twitter accounts, or voice your concern in-person at monthly meetings held by each station. Find an SFPD station map and meeting schedules at sfbike.org/sfpdstations.

3. Contact the company responsible 

We offer professional driver training, but not every company has taken advantage of the opportunity. If you see a professional driver parking in bike lanes, we do not encourage confronting the driver directly.

Instead, contact the company with pictures and vehicle ID information, if possible. Ask company representatives to direct drivers not to illegally and dangerously park in bike lanes, and let them know that they can contact the SF Bicycle Coalition for resources. sfbike.org/driver

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