72 New Bike Parking Spots Coming to Polk Street

With new street improvements coming to Polk Street this year, we have been working hard to bring safe, convenient bicycle parking to business locations up and down this important crosstown corridor so that when you ride your bike on the new lanes, you’ll have plenty of convenient places to pull over and lock up. Take a look at the 36 new racks we have sited along the Polk street and help us find locations for new racks by requesting one at your own favorite bicycle stop.

Over the past six months, we have been working with the SFMTA to get more sidewalk bicycle racks installed citywide. The process, which is outlined in detail here, allows us to site bicycle racks at both specifically requested locations and along major commercial corridors. The hundreds of racks we have sited so far cross every district in San Francisco and just about every type of business, from hardware stores to yoga studios. Wherever people ride their bikes, we want them to have a convenient, visible and safe location to park their bicycle.

Our recent efforts in bicycle parking have been concentrated along Polk Street, where we identified locations for 72 new bicycle parking spots at 25 unique business locations. We knew it was important to get good bicycle parking along Polk given its role as a north-south connector in the bicycle network and in light of the major street improvements breaking ground on Polk later this year.

The street improvement plan for Polk Street extends from McAllister to Union and includes a raised bike lane, green bike lanes and bicycle traffic signals. Pedestrian improvements such as sidewalk bulbouts and high visibility crosswalks are also a part of the comprehensive plan. The changes will make Polk a safer place for people biking and walking, building upon its vibrant commercial character and bringing us closer to the Vision Zero goal of ending all traffic deaths and severe injuries by 2024.

Take a look at all of the new bike rack locations in the map above. If there’s a location along Polk Street or anywhere else in San Francisco that you don’t see represented here, let us know by requesting a rack with the button below.

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