A Win Against Bike Theft

Last week, the Board of Supervisors was set to advance legislation to mandate that each police station establish a neighborhood property crime unit, bringing more appropriate and adequate resources to combating bike theft. And now, without the need for legislation, that effort is being embraced by the San Francisco Police Department, and we’re asking you to join us in thanking them for being proactive.

Because of this, the two legislation’s sponsors Supervisors Ronen and Yee agreed to work directly with Chief William Scott on the implementation of this initiative, calling for “proactive and comprehensive deterrence and investigation of property crime throughout the respective neighborhoods within their district boundaries through the use of data-driven, innovative investigative techniques, neighborhood foot patrols, and community crime prevention.”

Within six months, the Police Commission is expected to adopt a “Comprehensive Neighborhood Automobile Break-Ins, Bicycle Theft and Property Crime Plan.” We know that it will take public pressure to hold the Police Department to their commitment so that we see a real impact on our streets, both in the reduction of bike theft and the increase in recovery. As a top member priority, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition continues our commitment to combating bike theft and will be closely monitoring the progress.

Thanks, Chief Scott

Please take a moment to thank Chief Scott for the attention he’s brought to bike theft and encourage the immediate implementation of these new units given the urgent and pressing issue of bike theft.

If the implementation is either delayed or insufficient, Supervisor Ronen has pledged to re-introduce the legislation to mandate the establishment of these units. We are grateful to both Supervisors Ronen and Yee in taking action and finding the right solutions in dealing with the epidemic of property crime and bike theft in San Francisco.

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