Bay Area Bike Share: Where Are We, and What’s Next?

A series of decisions over the next couple of months will finalize the details of the dramatic expansion of Bay Area Bike Share, starting with the SFMTA Board of Directors in November and followed by the Board of Supervisors in December. Getting these 4,500 bikes on the ground starting this summer will require our members and anyone interested in healthy transportation alternatives to support this expansion.

Join Our Bike Share Campaign

Individual bike-share station approval begins this coming year. The locations will be determined with the input of the public. Motivate, the owner and operator of the bike-share system, is still taking station requests. Submit your station request today, or “like” one already submitted where you know it will serve the community well.

Beyond station approval, we are pushing for fair pricing and inclusive geographic distribution that will not only make bike share accessible to all San Franciscans, but catalyse even more improvements in our bike network as the number of people biking keeps growing. We will work hard in the coming months to make our bike-share system the best possible. Please join our campaign for a fair and equitable bike-share system today.

Support Fair Bike Share Expansion

The Bay Area Bike Share expansion is expected to cover most of San Francisco with a world-class bike share system. Whether you are a daily commuter looking to avoid the hassle of locking up your own bike, a casual bike rider looking to get around quickly in our ever-improving bike network, or just going to Golden Gate Park and seeking some exercise on the way, the upgraded bike-share system will be San Francisco’s (and the Bay Area’s) first new transit system in generations.


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