Beyond Construction: From the Panhandle to the Wiggle

Some days, it feels like every other street in San Francisco is under construction, repairing aging infrastructure and redesigning our streets for people. With so many bike projects building out connections between Golden Gate Park to Market Street, we are hosting a happy hour on Sept. 5 to talk about all the different projects underway.

I’ll Be There

Our members have advocated for better street design in these neighborhoods for years, and now the work to transform our streets is actually happening. We want to make sure that you are up-to-date on construction timelines and know what you can look forward to once the work is finished.

The Wiggle

Traffic diverter at Fell and Scott. Photo courtesy of the SFMTA.

The Wiggle project combines green infrastructure for stormwater management with upgrades for people walking and biking to calm traffic and establish inviting, neighborhood-friendly streets. New rain gardens, curb extensions, improved crosswalks and traffic diversion are in construction to enhance the residential character of the street and reduce car volumes.

In September a diverter will prohibit cars from driving southbound onto Scott Street at the intersection with Fell, requiring all cars to turn right onto Fell Street. Construction is scheduled for completion by the end of the year and will be coordinated with the repaving of Haight and Hayes streets.

Page Street

Have you noticed that the center-running bike lane on Page Street leading to Octavia has been extended an extra block to Buchanan? This is only the beginning for this important bicycle route connecting Golden Gate Park all the way to Market Street. Later this year the SFMTA Board may approve a plan which could include a raised intersection at Buchanan, raised crosswalks, curb extensions and a traffic diverter at Webster to encourage people driving to use alternatives to Page.

Masonic Avenue

Masonic Avenue is seeing a total transformation all the way from Geary Boulevard to Fell Street that will turn this thoroughfare into a preferred north-south corridor for people biking. The plan includes raised bike lanes, a planted median, wider sidewalks, lighting and a new plaza at the corner of Masonic and Geary. Although construction will be completed in Spring 2018, the City is adding temporary paving to the street that will improve the road for the next six months.

The Panhandle

There is a new smooth southern path on the Panhandle for people to walk and jog, thanks to the Panhandle Improvement Project. The improvements also included patching up problem spots on the northern path, new lighting, benches and bike racks. By the end of this month, expect to see striping and stencils on the northern path to remind people to share the path respectfully.

These changes will help guide walking and biking in the Panhandle, but there are more opportunities for improving the path to accommodate people in the park. To help slow down speeds in the park and ensure that the Panhandle path is accessible to everyone, we are supporting community calls for protected bike lanes on Fell and Oak along the Panhandle. Come to the happy hour in September with your questions and to for more details on opportunities to see protected bike lanes added alongside the Panhandle.

Hayes Valley Happy Hour
Tuesday, Sept. 5, 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Anina, 482 Hayes St.

Construction projects (highlighted in orange) currently underway to deliver improvements for people walking and biking between the Haight and Hayes Valley.

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