Big Safety Education Shoes to Fill

Are you passionate about education, sustainability and improving the health of SF communities? We’re hiring a Program Coordinator to lead our education work with professional drivers as well as both people who bike and the bike-curious.

Interested in learning more about the role? Program Coordinator Libby Nachman, who is moving on after Bike to Work Day on May 11, shared with us some of her fondest memories below from three years on the job.

SF Bicycle Coalition: What inspired you to join the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition staff?

Libby: I was already interning for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition in 2014 when I had the opportunity to join the staff. As an intern, I was extremely impressed by the smart, talented and dedicated staff working tirelessly to improve San Francisco’s streets. Sustainability is really important to me, and I could see firsthand how successful the SF Bicycle Coalition team was at getting people onto bicycles. I knew that I wanted to be a part of that team of bicycle advocates and contribute to better biking in San Francisco.

Can you describe some of your fondest memories from you safety education work with the SF Bicycle Coalition?

Working on the bicycle education program has given me the opportunity to meet all sorts of people. I’m proud of the fact that we offer free classes to people of all skill and ability levels. I can’t pick a favorite class, but I do love our Practice Ride series, which offers rides on car-free streets in Golden Gate Park for people who have just taken our Adult Learn to Ride course. The ride is designed to help people who are new to biking feel more comfortable and practice the skills they’ve just learned. Last month, I joined a ride with four women who were all new riders. I was so inspired to see both their determination to succeed and their joy in doing so.

I’ve also had the opportunity to teach a number of professional drivers with our expanding work into driver education. In 2016, I taught over 500 Google shuttle bus drivers how to safely share the road with people on bicycles. Multiple drivers asked incredibly thoughtful questions about how to safely navigate the streets in a variety of situations. At the end of the course, many drivers thanked me for my time and confirmed their commitment to safe streets. It reinforced my belief that no matter how we get around San Francisco, we all ultimately have the same goal: arriving safely.

What are you going to miss the most about working at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition?

Everything! Is that cheating? I’m so grateful to have gotten to work with our fabulous staff, incredible volunteers and inspirational bicycle education students. I’m thankful to have had so many opportunities to meet and learn from our members through my work.

Any tips for someone interested in the opportunity to head up our education work?

Go for it! This role is amazing, because you have the opportunity to literally change people’s lives. We have profile after profile of former students who can now get around their city in a brand new way after taking our classes. As our newest Program Coordinator, you’re going to be responsible for bringing a lot of joy into a lot of people’s lives. That’s pretty special.

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