Big Successes for Biking from 2022 Midterms

We are very excited about the results from the 2022 Midterm Elections and what this means for bicycling, transportation, and the future of our city. Thank you to everyone who voted in favor of these measures, who volunteered their time to canvass or phone bank, and everyone who talked to their friends and neighbors. We couldn’t have achieved these victories without your support!

Proposition J, the ballot measure that protects the JFK Promenade, won with over 142,800 people voting yes; that is 61.97% of voters. The opposing measure that would have removed the promenade, Proposition I, had over 150,700 people vote no, 64.11% of voters. By a landslide, voters have demonstrated that they love the car-free promenade and that they want to take bold moves for climate change and the safety of our residents.

Ultimately, these results mean that the car-free status of the JFK Promenade is secured for the future. This vote upholds the decision from the Board of Supervisors last Spring to permanently keep the 1.5 mile stretch of road a place for people walking, rolling, and riding bikes. Additionally, the Great Highway will continue to be a car-free promenade for people Saturday and Sunday for the foreseeable future.

Proposition L also passed with over 165,600 votes in favor of renewing the half cent sales tax that funds our transportation. Prop L needed ⅔ or 66.67% of the vote and it has 71.07%! For the next 30 years, the City will have federal funding to improve our roads, public transportation, and safety. This means we can build new protected bike lanes, improve pedestrian safety, and get closer to Vision Zero. Proposition L will also continue to fund our Safe Routes to Schools program to make biking more accessible for youth and families in San Francisco

Proposition N passed with 74.31% of people voting in favor of it. This means management of the parking garage under the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park will be handed over to the Recreation and Parks Department. Now, we can look forward to changes to the garage, including lowering hourly rates to make it more accessible for people with disabilities, seniors, and more.

This was an exciting year and we can’t wait to see all the improvements coming in the year ahead. We look forward to seeing more quick-builds, more protected bike lanes, more bicycle education classes, street resurfacing and signal improvements, funding for paratransit and more.

Thank you to everyone who voted for a safer, more accessible and greener city. This is just the start of work to increase car-free and car-lite spaces in SF, and to increase access and safety for people biking.

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