Bike the Vote with Mark Leno

Our members of over 20 years are a special bunch already, but only one has passed legislation in Sacramento to make all of California a more bike-friendly state. Only one has sponsored the original resolution to see a bike lane delivered on Valencia Street. And that member is none other than Mark Leno.

This is why the SF Bicycle Coalition is proud to endorse former State Senator Mark Leno for mayor.

With years of experience, Senator Leno shows time and time again that he brings leadership to make our city a better place to bike. San Francisco needs that kind of leadership now as amid an affordability crisis, increasing congestion and with so many of our streets in need for dramatic safety improvements.

Hear directly from Senator Leno in a message to his fellow SF Bicycle Coalition members:

With the election just a month away and mail-in ballots arriving next week, there’s no time to waste to Bike the Vote. Sign up with Mark Leno’s campaign today and help make sure we elect a mayor who will champion our values for better biking in San Francisco.

Bike the Vote with Mark Leno

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