Celebrate Diversity and Show Your Byke Pride

Ever wondered what it would be like to bike down a car-free Market Street surrounded by thousands of people cheering you on? Turn that dream into reality, show your commitment to our city’s inclusive, progressive values and RSVP to join the SF Bicycle Coalition’s Pride Parade contingent on June 25. We talked to Stan Parkford, SF Bicycle Coalition member and past Pride Parade participant, to find out what the day means to him.

SF Bicycle Coalition: What made you want to participate in past Pride Parades?
Stan: Pride is important! The legacy of the Pride Parade remains one of defiance and solidarity, and I think that spirit is still there. I had watched a few Pride Parades prior to joining the SF Bicycle Coalition contingent, but being in the parade is really important to the process of actually showing up for LGBTQI rights and visibility.

What was your costume for past Pride Parades?
My favorite costume was last year: Bright blue leotard, pink feather boa, colorful beaded necklace, short shorts!

How did the crowd react to the SF Bicycle Coalition’s contingent during the parade?
People are very responsive to a whistle or a gesture to high-five. The responses are enthusiastic: screams, whistles and “woo-hoo”s!

How did it feel to ride down Market Street with just you and the SF Bicycle Coalition contingent?
Exhilarating! You can feel the energy from the crowd, and I’m filled with a very real sense of awe and astonishment that I get to participate in this event at this time in the world. It’s actually kind of surreal.

What was your favorite part about the day?
I love the carefree attitude and the overall positive energy. People come to Pride to have fun. It’s a day filled with smiles, winks and laughter!

Don’t sit on the sidelines. Be like Stan and join us at the 47th annual Pride Parade on June 25. RSVP below.

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