Celebrating Open Space at Twin Peaks

Aerial photo of one peak of Twin Peaks

After approvals in 2016, the eastern half of Twin Peaks Boulevard has been opened for visitors traveling on foot or by bike to take in the gorgeous views atop one of our city’s most popular landmarks. With the two-year pilot period coming to an end, we now need your help to keep this section of Twin Peaks car-free and work toward permanent design options.

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On April 17, the SF Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) board will consider approving the extension of this pilot. The pilot was a significant step toward prioritizing the eastern half of Twin Peaks Boulevard as a dedicated open space within the urban landscape of San Francisco. Locals and visitors alike now have a comfortable, car-free experience where they can take in one of the most iconic views in the city. Our members spoke in support of the pilot in 2016 and members like Patrick Lindley remind us and the city that this pilot has the ability to create “more of a community atmosphere atop the hill.”

We’ve worked as a community with groups like Walk SF, the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, and SF Urban Riders to ensure the pilot serves all and we’re working together to ensure it continues to. Since its implementation, those who enjoy the scenic views have been able to do so without mingling with cars along the entire eastern span of Twin Peaks Boulevard. This has allowed for a better experience for all who come to take in the amazing views of the city in a welcoming open space.

Now, it’s time to extend this pilot and work towards a permanent design. Take a moment to write a letter of support to the SFMTA board today and share why the last two years have transformed the experience at the top of Twin Peaks. Here’s to more people-first spaces in our parks!

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