Climate Rider Dave Howes Wants to Win us a Bike

Firefighter Dave Howes is presently the top fundraiser in the Climate Ride. If he maintains that position, Dave will win a limited edition Republic Bike, which he’s generously offered to donate to the SF Bicycle Coalition. Support Dave’s ride: let’s keep him in first place and win a new bicycle to support our advocacy!

SF Bicycle Coalition: When did you realize you were a bike-enthusiast?

Dave: In 1968, after returning from Army Boot Camp, I went to a local bike shop and purchased my first Raleigh 10 Speed road bike. I rode that bike for ten years until purchasing my first high-end road bike (a Schwinn Paramont with Campagnolo grupo.) Needless to say, I have had many bikes since then. When answering the question “How many bikes are enough for one person?” the best answer is “one more than you currently have.”

Why do you ride your bike?

It’s so much fun. It’s the best way to get around the city with no parking problems.

Why is this year’s ride special?

This is my sixth Climate Ride. In 2011, our team woke up in the rain, road in the rain, and went to sleep in the rain. The next year was beautiful, but was also the start of the five-year drought. While we all have been enjoying the sunshine on the coast, we know the unusual weather patterns have not been a good sign.

This year’s ride is important because environmental issues are under attack. I have seen how the past election galvanized our young people to stand up and fight for our environmental rights. In a recent podcast by Climate One, the panel was comprised of high school kids. These kids, from all over the country, discussed how they are working hard towards a better future in spite of the current president’s efforts to dismantle environmental regulations.

What inspires you to participate in the Climate Ride each year in support of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition?

I’m inspired by the great work the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition does for the city and how they are helping change San Francisco into a bike friendly city.

Deadlines are fast approaching and SF Bicycle Coalition team member Dave Howes needs your support to stay in 1st place to win a new bike. Give Dave the boost he needs to win, and we’ll auction off this beautiful bike at the 2017 Winterfest celebration: Donate today. Don’t forget to ask your employer if they do matching gifts to instantly double your contribution.

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